Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to provide an organized and fun outlet of co-ed sport leagues, tournaments, social events, community involvement and outreach opportunities for a society of teachers.  We will use sports as a platform to create and encourage team bonding & building and will inspire & enable individuals and teams to create a positive, engaging, and productive work environment.  Teaching and sports both have the power to change, inspire and unite the world.  Both are exciting, healthy, generally fun, action packed and full of opportunities to be a positive influential leader.  We exist to improve the quality of life for teachers through fun, friends, fitness and connection to our community

Our History

The Founder of Teachers Play Teachers (TPT) has been educating and coaching in a public-school district for over 10 years and has been playing organized sports for over 30 years. The extremely high stress levels experienced from teaching math and actively monitoring large numbers of economically disadvantaged students each year has always been balanced through playing sports. Playing sports help with balancing work, family and friends. Over the past 10 years, the owner has witnessed new teachers coming and going often due to several significant reasons as well as seasoned teachers struggling to hold on to stay in the education profession. These reasons propelled the owner to create a way to keep new and seasoned teachers motivated, stress free and interact with other teachers who could support them in more ways than one in hopes that teachers will remain in education for longer periods of time. The founder has a strong belief about the team philosophy and is going to use sports as a platform to improve team bonding and team building for a community of teachers. The owner understands that playing sports can reducing stress levels and increasing feelings of physical and mental well-being.

There are several components that the owner will focus on in TPT to help the community minimize stress: social and community events, teamwork activities, and sports leagues and tournament that give schools and opportunity to win money that can be donated to their school or department of choice. Often, teachers are asked to bring and use their own supplies for use in the classroom which is an out of pocket expense.

The Founder of TPT is a Biology/Pre-Med major that understand participating in sports stimulates body’s production of neurotransmitters — or brain chemicals — known as endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals responsible for the feeling known as “runner’s high.” Increased levels of endorphins cause a “feel-good” response, decrease pain and help release symptoms of stress and tension. The owner desires for teacher to experience this feeling often.

Mental health is also another important component to Teachers Play Teachers. Sports and regular exercise provide physical and mental stress relief, which can help certain mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

Another component to TPT is regular social events. For most people, socialization is a necessary part of any stress-management routine. Socialization helps stress relief by promoting the release of the hormone oxytocin, which increases feelings of relaxation and reduces anxiety. Participating in a group or team sport can provide a powerful medium for acquiring the stress-relieving benefits of social contact. By joining a team sport, you may feel more motivated to exercise regularly. You’ll also have the opportunity to make new friends and develop a feeling of camaraderie by working toward a mutual goal. Engaging in a sport can help increase feelings of self-esteem and self-efficacy, which can significantly reduce your overall level of stress. If you’ve ever remained inactive for an extended period of time, you’re familiar with that sluggish, apathetic feeling that can quickly turn to feelings of self-loathing or even depression, which can further exacerbate your stress levels.

The owner welcomes you to be apart of something great so you can experience the benefits of this organization.