As a public school teacher for over a decade, the high rate of teacher burnout and the challenges faced by teachers in low income schools where there is a disheartening lack of resources and support for new teachers is unavoidably recognizable. Teachers Play Teachers will provide teachers with a platform for friendly district vs district competition, information exchange and teacher camaraderie. It will encourage teachers to share with one another and provide them with a fun, friendly way to challenge each other to rise.

Teacher burnout is a serious psychological condition that affects the lives of thousands of highly effective teachers throughout the United States.  An educator who is experiencing burnout has low morale & self-esteem and is physically drained to exhaustion.  Teacher
morale directly impacts student achievement.  The higher the teacher morale, the greater the student achievement.  Happy teachers transfer to their students because a teachers emotional experience sets the tone for a class.  Teacher burnout is one of the most common reasons that effective teachers leave the profession.  If a teacher is clinically depressed, anxious, or experiencing physical illness, he will be more likely to retire early or to cease working to his capacity than if he is emotionally and physically well.

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