Teachers Play Teachers is offering a chance for all teachers to put their course guides down for a day and participate in team building exercise with their colleagues to strengthen the bonds of friendship and have fun at the same time.

Being a teacher is a demanding and exhausting responsibility. It is a calling rather than just a job and while there are numerous rewards that come with this profession, there is no denying the fact that teachers, like all other humans, get exhausted from their responsibilities. Teaching chemistry, math, literature to three dozens of youngsters, some of whom have no desire to listen to what you have to say, is a formidable task. That is why many teachers find it difficult to stay at one job and instead, migrate around to find the best deal possible or change the environment with the hope to come up on different set of obstacles with every new turn.

Understanding all of this has led to the creation of a way to bring fun and sports to the lives of teachers and that is Teachers Play Teachers initiative. The purpose of this start-up is to create a platform that will encourage teachers to participate in social events, sports and through the use of shared experiences lead to some level of stress relief and provide help while promoting healthy lifestyle and community involvement. While some people might like to get away from their work and colleagues, in reality, shared social events are a great way to combat stress. The experience creates another common reference point for the participating individuals and teachers are more inclined to open up to each other and share their tips. You, as a teacher might find some tricks that others have used before to tame that one particularly troublesome kid you have in class or learn new ways to pitch the course material that will ignite interests in the entire class.

All of the sports at this friendly tournament are team sports. You can choose to join one of your favorite games to help your team win in a game of kickball, softball, flag football, soccer or tug of war. Whatever you like, there are tournaments in it. Being a teacher is already a stressful job, so, give yourself a chance to immerse in a friendly atmosphere where you can decrease the anxieties, let some steam off and enjoy some quality sports experiences with your friends and colleagues. Join the league in your area and see for yourself that social events like these will help you decrease stress.

About Teachers Play Teachers:
Teachers Play Teachers is an initiative to help teachers cope with work related stress with the use of team sports and social engagement. You can register for the upcoming events near your area, buy morale items and gifts as well as maintain tabs on the news, team rankings and recent developments.

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